04 August 2009



Again I will be out of the office next two days, I sincerely hope that fashion world does not collapse til then.

I really really love mint green colour so, note that this will be hit in no time.

Best wishes,


What does MADONNA wear??

Well, if our first lady is happy enough then does Madonna wear this outfit. Today is the BIG DAY when Madonna is giving her concert in Tallinn. And this is the gift to Madonna. Our first lady designed this .. I expecially love thouse white native motives.

03 August 2009

My inspiration

My inspiration at the moment is Estonian singer Kerli Kõiv I like her style - it is so unique - or ok lady Gaga got's it too, but I think that Kerli is the creator of her own style and she is not copying it from Lady Gaga
I think Kerli's style is a mix of Harajuku girls from Tokyo and Gothic Lolita's - it's brave, it's sexy
Keywords for her look: High heels, platform shoes, miniskirts, latex, tulle, white long hair, false eyelashes, underwear-like-clothes

She looks like doll
Pic from Kroonika

Daytime Kerli

Kerli vs Lady Gaga

This summer @ Estonia - I love this look