23 April 2010

Ed Hardy is coming to Tallinn

Good news, Ed Hardy is already in stores in Estonia, but today evening they will do a fabilous fashion show in VABANK in Tallinn and tomorrow in Sugar in Pärnu. I will be there and do a short reportage in the beginning of the next week. Meanwhile you can see the invitation.

And also look www.vabank.ee to see that great club.

But I have to go and start to look what I will wear in the evening! Baih!

20 April 2010

More Lighter LOOK for my blog

I decided that now it is Spring time and my blog needed more lighter look. As long as I am designing my logo ... my last show-case picture will be as one.
I cannot wait for summer!

Bread and Butter Coming again!

I just received an email that 6.-7. of July in Berlin there will be once again held the fair of Bread and Butter. Ouh I want to go there .. I am waiting my tickets already.

Look more -> www.breadandbutter.com

19 April 2010


Yeah, right from my last post, it has been too long time, yet it had gone so fast. The only thing I do is study-study-study. Oh I pray for June already, then all the studying will finish for three months. But yes, I am totally off fashion now, because of my fast-life, and all my collection plans were ruined, because of plenty task that I got from school, yet one dress is almost ready, I will picture it later and maybe I will post this picture tomorrow.

But my english is lot better now ... I can even thing in english now. That's cool.
Ouh and I bought adorable shoes last Friday, they got too high heels, but I fell in love from the first moment I saw them, so I had to bought them.