28 September 2010

Note that! I had a biffany today. I facinate the stewardesses uniforms. I could bet my head that THIS will be the next HIT in the world of fashion. The history has shown that fashion world loves uniforms and military theme, now is the time for uniforms of stewardesses and pilots. Best wishes,

London Shopping List

Lets see can I get something similar to things I picked up from New York's Fashion weeks photos, I hope I'll find them :)

1. Jacket - pilot styled
By Betsey Johnson

2. Big handbag and over-the-knee boots

3. Dress
By Vassilios Kostetsos

4. Warm outfit for this autumn is inspiered by Diane Von F├╝rstenberg

27 September 2010

4 days til London

It's been a long and sunny summer ... and now is time for autumn and a new beginning of fashion. I will be in London soon, so it will be very interesting and classy. I will take my camera and do a lot of pictures of people and fashion. And also do some shopping , I can't wait for it anymore. :)