30 October 2009


For this weekend get inspiration from Boy George's androgynous look. I expecially love the hats. This is the cherry on top.

29 October 2009

My beauty

When I moved - It was good time to see what I own. Herewith I would like to show you too what did I found out. This is one of my model from design project in 2007. Enjoy!
work methods: pen and colored pencils

Decorating home ...

Well once again - last time I posted was years ago, I'm just so busy. This time I moved and decorated my home. And offcourse my studies too.
Today I wanted to show you my lamp design .. I customised it from an old lamp and this is the result. I think it is quite modern. What do you think?
Well I just found out that I forgot the pictures at home. I will attach them tomorrow.

09 October 2009


Well, my fastest time at work is now over. Immagine that starting in the beginning of July I had been so busy, it is horrible. At last the season in our department store is prepared for now and I have time to breath. Our Promotion Days are going very well actually even better than anyone thought. Well good.
I started my studies in JAMK ... fashion marketing. I am going to Findland in the end of this month, it's so interesting to learn!!!! In Tallinn I started my studies in the field of how to direct a fashion show.
I also promised to Maris that I will help her with her fashion show. I am exited.
And one more news, I will do my first author collection too it will be launched in April. So we have to wait and see. But first I need some inspiration.

Mr. A. McQueen

30 cm of heels - it's grazy