19 October 2010

And the second show winner is ....

Well last Sunday was held the second show of Dancing with stars ... and again Ithaka Maria's dress was the most beautiful. Her dance-partner is professional dancer Marko Kiigajaan

And the winner is ...

I gladly present Estonian musician from the dance series .... Ithaka Maria Rahula and her dress, that was the best dress from the first show.

14 October 2010

DIY - shoulder pads

Now I share a link where I got idea of how to make my shoulder pads:
SMART TIP: I used a black bra, so I did not need to cover my bra with fabric :) - so use the same color bra you want your shoulder pads to be ...

But I did not put my pads under the fabric as on the link she shows but on the blouse shoulders. And I also added a chain (it follows the metallic wire inside the bra-cup - I attached it from both ends and left the rest of the chain to hang free) and I also added strip of ruffles to the edge. I bought 50 cm of ruffles and it was just enough.

See pictures from my previous post.


11 October 2010

DIY shoulder pads

I decided to do some extra trendy shoulder pads: this is the end result ... For this you need:
- item on what you want to attach these shoulder pads - I choosed a black blouse

- old bra prefferably wired, this is good for the structure of pads.
- ruffles
- chains
- needle and thread

.. I'll continue tomorrow with the process

XX : Signette

10 October 2010

DIY brooch

I went to beauty fair today, and I got inspired .. once came home I started to make my own brooch - my first one. And the end result is ...
I am quite happy about the result, and it only took me an hour to make it! wow!