31 July 2009

Some pics from BBB

Lovely mini-jeans

Summer 2010

BB Big opening with Mando Dio

Sandra Backlund

Incredible Sandra Backlund
Not average knitter

Enjoy her works

29 July 2009

Alohaa to RIPPED JEANS II !!!

Well here you can see the result of my bleachening
This is the Acrylic colour that I will splash on my jeans

How to bleach your jeans?
Well first of all you need:
  • Bleacher
  • Pair of rubber gloves
  • Jeans
  • Sponge or something to rub bleacher into the jeans

    Make jeans wet, then but wet jeans in the bath or on the shower floor. Rub bleacher in .. use sponge or brush or whatever you wish for (I used sponge and just rubbed my jeans with hands - remember to use rubber gloves). Then I left my jeans to bleach, it takes some hours - it depends how light jeans you wish. I turned my dark blue jeans into almost white so my jeans was in bleacher 2 hours. But if you want just lighter spots then I think 1 hour is enought. You have to take a look lets say every half an hour too, if you dont want tooo bleached jeans. I used half of bottle of bleacher, but there was a lot to bleach too. If you are happy with the result then wash your jeans, so there should be no bleacher in jeans. And after that wash your jeans in machine as usual.

I also did some ripping right after hand-washing my jeans. If jeans are wet then is good to do that. I used heel file.


28 July 2009

Alohaaa to RIPPED JEANS!!

In the end of the last week I had idea to bleach and rip my jeans. So I did it, but I also want to add some colour to my jeans - I will use acrylic mint green colour to add dots and splashes to my jeans. When I'm ready, I'll do some pics and share them with u too.

Anyway I was talking about ripped jeans, because today I read TM (FashionTrendMagazine) and there was an article of trend casual 2010 - NEW GRUNGE. So vintage denims are once again gaining ground. Subtle destroyed looks and accentuated 3D-effects add character. Within a wide range of blues, there is an increased tendency towards lighter, washed and partly highlighted colour finish.

It's glad to know that everything I really love is going to be a hit! And when I am finished my jeans I will show you pics and talk about what I did!


27 July 2009

24 July 2009

Discovery from 70s

Yesterday I was cleaning out my clouset and I made very pleasing discovery. I found this lilac shirt and quess what, it belonged to my mother in 70s and its hit again. I am so happy that this shirt lived trough for so long time and that it's still totaly ok!
It has embroidery on shoulders - so romantic. Shirt from 70s Prague, shorts no-name from Berlin and bracelet are customised from necklace. Total cost of outfit - 15 EUR.

What to wear now?

Well of course I'll do the update for fashion now - The hottest tips for august:
1. One shouldered bikinis, tops and dresses!!!

2. Over-the-knee boots - wear them with sunshine and rain, wear them all the time, because they make legs so so sexy!

3. Ripped and torn jeans - wear extra short ripped jeans with previous high legged boots!

Key-colors for 2010

Peroleum BLUEMint GREEN
After my visit to BBB I can assume that the hotest colors of 2o1o are just the above mentioned. There will be a little bit pink variations too, but green and blue are MUST HAVE's. So it's just the right time to start turning light and silky mint green fabric into the heavenly darped dress. So you could be the coolest chick already in early spring! :)

Well I love this trend!

22 July 2009

Holliday Key-look

Here is a pic of me in Vienna, I really love this pic because colors. Tank top from Madonna, Sun-glasses and Shorts from H&M and flip-flops from market of Thailand.

Best wishes,



I'm back from my long long work trip and holliday. I got so much to talk and I found out so many fashion tips for next and the season after next season. So I already do know what happens in summer 2010 and I will let you know too. I also want to talk about the Bread and Butter Berlin I visited. But today I got so so much work so I just do not have enougt time to start blogging. But I will do it tomorrow or the day after, it's a promise.

Best wishes,