03 August 2009

My inspiration

My inspiration at the moment is Estonian singer Kerli Kõiv I like her style - it is so unique - or ok lady Gaga got's it too, but I think that Kerli is the creator of her own style and she is not copying it from Lady Gaga
I think Kerli's style is a mix of Harajuku girls from Tokyo and Gothic Lolita's - it's brave, it's sexy
Keywords for her look: High heels, platform shoes, miniskirts, latex, tulle, white long hair, false eyelashes, underwear-like-clothes

She looks like doll
Pic from Kroonika

Daytime Kerli

Kerli vs Lady Gaga

This summer @ Estonia - I love this look


TheOfficialFrenchie said...

I don't know about Kerli, but I'm ALL for Gaga! She's an amazing singer, a sweet person and isn't afraid to do something other people would only dream of doing (that might just be me though). She is a total inspiration and I've been a fan from the start. Go Gaga!

Signette's said...

I have to agree with you!

Signette's said...

I also love-love Gaga