19 April 2010


Yeah, right from my last post, it has been too long time, yet it had gone so fast. The only thing I do is study-study-study. Oh I pray for June already, then all the studying will finish for three months. But yes, I am totally off fashion now, because of my fast-life, and all my collection plans were ruined, because of plenty task that I got from school, yet one dress is almost ready, I will picture it later and maybe I will post this picture tomorrow.

But my english is lot better now ... I can even thing in english now. That's cool.
Ouh and I bought adorable shoes last Friday, they got too high heels, but I fell in love from the first moment I saw them, so I had to bought them.

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Signette's said...

Actually I wanted these shoes that are few posts down .. but in Estonia you have to pay fortune for these shoes in this season, but I know that in next season all the places are full of them. Wanna bet?