29 July 2009

Alohaa to RIPPED JEANS II !!!

Well here you can see the result of my bleachening
This is the Acrylic colour that I will splash on my jeans

How to bleach your jeans?
Well first of all you need:
  • Bleacher
  • Pair of rubber gloves
  • Jeans
  • Sponge or something to rub bleacher into the jeans

    Make jeans wet, then but wet jeans in the bath or on the shower floor. Rub bleacher in .. use sponge or brush or whatever you wish for (I used sponge and just rubbed my jeans with hands - remember to use rubber gloves). Then I left my jeans to bleach, it takes some hours - it depends how light jeans you wish. I turned my dark blue jeans into almost white so my jeans was in bleacher 2 hours. But if you want just lighter spots then I think 1 hour is enought. You have to take a look lets say every half an hour too, if you dont want tooo bleached jeans. I used half of bottle of bleacher, but there was a lot to bleach too. If you are happy with the result then wash your jeans, so there should be no bleacher in jeans. And after that wash your jeans in machine as usual.

I also did some ripping right after hand-washing my jeans. If jeans are wet then is good to do that. I used heel file.


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