28 July 2009

Alohaaa to RIPPED JEANS!!

In the end of the last week I had idea to bleach and rip my jeans. So I did it, but I also want to add some colour to my jeans - I will use acrylic mint green colour to add dots and splashes to my jeans. When I'm ready, I'll do some pics and share them with u too.

Anyway I was talking about ripped jeans, because today I read TM (FashionTrendMagazine) and there was an article of trend casual 2010 - NEW GRUNGE. So vintage denims are once again gaining ground. Subtle destroyed looks and accentuated 3D-effects add character. Within a wide range of blues, there is an increased tendency towards lighter, washed and partly highlighted colour finish.

It's glad to know that everything I really love is going to be a hit! And when I am finished my jeans I will show you pics and talk about what I did!


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