28 May 2009

HIT'n'MISS of the week!!

I know I suppose to post this tomorrow, but I got greater plans for tomorrow's post .. I would like to start writing the preview of new season (FW 2oo9), so I thought I will do the HITnMISS thing today!!!

I love this Carrie Underwood dress, it is so simple, nice and neat and so girly! Thums UP for that outfit!!!I also like this Blake Lively blue look. Oh this summer is full of colors!!! And I love bright ones. Plus her pastel lilac shoes are just so right for this kinda blue!!!
Oh Heidi Heidi you're so stylish! MISS:
I think I don't even have to comment this Diane Kruger look. It's just so wrong.

Even Beyonce does not pull it together. It's not the worst look .. but you can do it better!!!
I think Mariah Carey is the worst dresser ever. She was in MISS-list last week, she is here this week and I can bet she will be here next week too.

But I have to say that I like the fabric of her dress ;)


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